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Winter Guide to Packing Drinks for a Camping Trip

December 09, 2019 | By Kuju Coffee | Adventure Tips

Do you love going camping? Do you spend at least one weekend a year away from your soft and comfy bed, opting to sleep on the hard, cold ground instead? Regardless of if you go in the winter or the summer, camping is a fun and exciting outdoor activity for people of all ages.

It provides you with the perfect reason to be outdoors, to look at the stars, and to build a fire and cook over an open flame. Even better, camping offers the perfect excuse to cook and eat s'mores.

However, while camping, you may want to relax and destress even more by enjoying a few beverages – perhaps a few adult beverages. However, if you want to enjoy these drinks throughout your camping excursion, transporting and storing them properly is a must.

Camping Mode

The fact is, what you choose to drink during your next camping trip is dependent completely on how you plan to camp. For example, if you plan to park your RV at a nearby power station, this isn’t real camping (let’s be honest), which means you can bring virtually any beverage you would drink normally. With this method of camping, you should still put some effort into finding a good thermos, after all, you want to keep your hot drinks, hot when you are hiking in the cold temperatures, right?

However, if you have decided you will hike in or hike out, or if you will park your vehicle and put up a tent to sleep on the ground, you are really camping. In this case, choosing the right drinks and ensuring they are packed and stored properly will ensure your camping trip is a success.

Exploring Your Options

If you have selected a campsite where you can pull right up to the place where you are going to set up your tent, then you will have more options than someone who is planning to hike to the location where they are going to camp. The most appealing option to parking nearby to the campsite is that you can bring along heavier items, including various glass bottles or a cooler. What this also means is that you can enjoy white wine during your camping adventure.

Even though bringing along potable ice is a complete waste of cooler space, just a few bottles of your favorite wine won’t take up too much space, and thanks to the cooler temperatures outside, you won’t even miss the ice. Just chill the bottle for a while outside and enjoy a refreshing and relaxing glass of wine when you want.

Along with being able to bring along wine, you can also take along mixed drinks. It’s a good idea to mix up a few batches before you depart, and then seal them in a sealable pitcher. After you have your tent set up and you have started a fire, you can serve a round of the drink you have pre-mixed and ready to go. With cocktails, keep things simple. Just choose drinks that should be served cool. This way you will know everyone will enjoy them because the outside temperature will keep things cool. Some mixed drinks to consider include gimlets, manhattans, and martinis, which can all be mixed before your trip and put in your cooler.

Winter Guide to Packing Drinks for A Camping Trip hot cocoa
Source: Pixabay

Hot Drinks and Camping

Camping in the winter means you need hot drinks to stay warm. This includes things like coffee, hot chocolate, hot tea and more. You may even want to take along some hot soup. In addition to packing some quality thermoses, and using your fire to warm everything up, some of the drink prep ideas here will help ensure you remain warm thanks to the presence of hot drinks while you are camping.

Create a Mocha Latte

Coffee and camping – especially in the winter – just go together. An easy way to prepare your coffee while out in the wild is by using freshly-ground beans and to use the pour over method. However, if you are backpacking, you may want to lighten the load a bit. In this case, you can just take along a mocha latte mix. All you have to do is warm your water over the fire and mix it in – boom, you have your morning jolt in no time.

Spiced Chai Latte

This is a perfectly spiced and sweet tea that you will love on cold mornings or chilly evenings. You can choose the right amount of sugar to achieve the optimal level of sweetness. While you can mix your own chai at home, buying a powder mix will help you keep the weight in your backpack down and make mixing everything up quick and easy.

Hot Chocolate

Regardless of if you are camping with your kids or not, hot cocoa is a camp must-have. It’s great for those roasted marshmallows and considered a classic source of winter warmth. The only problem is, it is somewhat difficult to take along hot chocolate mugs while camping, but if you are parked nearby to your campsite, this isn’t usually an issue. Also, hot chocolate offers a quick and delicious way to warm up everyone – just remember, all that sugar may make it hard for your kids (and you) to get to sleep at night, so try to enjoy this hot beverage earlier in the evening to avoid these issues.

Winter Guide to Packing Drinks for A Camping Trip hanging out with friends
Source: Pixabay

Keeping Warm and Cozy During Winter Camping

If you are planning to go camping this winter, there are more than a few factors that you should consider. If you want to remain warm and cozy, the best thing you can do is use the tips here and make sure you have the necessary supplies.

Winter camping can be a lot of fun, but not if you don’t feel warm. Be sure to keep the tips here in mind to enjoy all the perks of camping during this time of the year. You will love getting up and enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds in the woods. 

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