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Cultivate Rejuvenation

It’s time to bring meaning back into our lives and take time for the things that truly matter.
To go to our mountaintops and listen to the quiet in our hearts, or the noise - and calm it down.
To cultivate our souls and rejuvenate our spirits. To Kuju.


In 2015, Jeff & Justin were on a camping trip in Red Rock Canyon and surrounded by the most beautiful scenery - sweeping sunrises, golden mesas, and awe-inspiring constellations, but their coffee didn’t match up. So they set out on a journey to find a better way and created the Pocket PourOver®️ – the original single-serve pour over in the US.

Kickstarted in 2015 and debuted at Summer Outdoor Retailer 2016, Kuju soon became the go-to coffee for anyone on adventure as they landed nationwide distribution in REI, Sportsman’s Warehouse and numerous outdoor retailers across the US. Featured in USA Today, Outside Magazine and the SF Chronicle out the gate, they even had a chance to partner with Subaru for a nationwide campaign.

Today, Kuju Coffee has grown to become the leading single-serve pour over brand in the US built on the foundation of their outdoor roots. More interestingly, the brand has also become synonymous with being a higher quality and impact-conscious single-serve option for any time you need to make a quality cup of coffee (or need to ditch that K-cup habit), at home or on-the-go, and love yourself some delicious pour over.

Now fully driven by their mission and vision to inspire #KujuMoments in your everyday, Kuju is changing the way we experience coffee, democratizing it’s specialty-grade luxury, and using it to create something bigger than just a great cup of coffee – a brand and community that cultivates the soul and rejuvenates the human spirit. You should give it a try.

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