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5 Reasons to Choose Kuju

Let's be honest.

There are a lot of coffee companies online, including ours, all trying to convince you that theirs is the best. So we figured we'd give you five reasons why Kuju Coffee rises above the rest.


The Original Pocket Pour Over

Founded in 2015, Kuju was the first U.S. company to manufacture and bring the pocket pour over to market. Because of this, Kuju has always led the way in portable coffee innovation. And that leadership is why you find Kuju trusted by retailers such as REI, Sportsman’s Warehouse, and Whole Foods.


Built to Love the Earth

Not only do we source our coffee from local farms (and package our coffee in wind-powered facilities), but since our founding, we have given a portion of our yearly revenue to the National Park System. We love the earth the same way our customers do.


Five-Star Craft Coffee in Two Minutes

They say that quick coffee can never be great coffee — but Kuju begs to differ. Using only 100% specialty-grade coffee, and having more grounds in their filter than any competitor, Kuju Coffee is the highest rated pour over online for a reason.


From Two Eagles Scouts to REI

In 2015, Eagle Scout brothers Jeff and Justin were camping in Red Rock Canyon, surrounded by sweeping sunrises and awe-inspiring constellations — but their coffee didn’t match the majesty around them. So they created Kuju Coffee to bring high-quality coffee to those who love the outdoors as much as they do. What other coffee brand was founded by adventurers for adventurers?


The Kuju Taste Guarantee

We firmly believe that every cup of Kuju is the best quality cup you can get on the go — the type of coffee that cultivates rejuvenation for the day ahead. We believe this so much that we offer a full refund on any coffee purchase from our website — so go ahead and give Kuju a try.