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Ethically Sourcing From Farms That Support Local Livelihoods

When we started Kuju, we chose our coffee before ever tasting it. You read that right. And we did it because we believed in our hearts it was the right thing to do - to use what we call our “moral tastebuds”. With so many coffee companies out there, we didn’t just want to add another bean to the mix that was ethically sourced by label alone. We wanted the integrity of Kuju impact to be real from the onset. The best part? The coffee turned out to be delicious.

Manufacturing in 100% Wind-Powered Facilities

This required a bit more investment than most companies are willing to jump in with but we knew this was awesome when we realized we could pull this off. As such, we’re very proud to say that we are the only coffee company in the US (maybe the world?) that packs our coffee products in 100% wind-powered facilities. Not into wind-power? That’s ok. But we think windmills are more beautiful than coal plants when they line the countryside and that’s got to be something to be equally grateful for.

Donating 1% of all sales to National Parks

Through our 1% for the Planet membership, this is something we have done since we launched our Kickstarter in 2015. Every time you purchase Kuju product, we donate 1% of your purchase to support National Parks. Sounds small but it adds up and we want it to. These are the places that inspired the company from the get go and we hope to inspire you to continue protecting these national treasures alongside us.

Enabling #KujuMoments in your every day

We believe every time you brew yourself a cup of Kuju it’s a chance to cultivate rejuvenation for your life in the deepest ways. Whether it’s quality alone time with just you and your wonderful cup of pour over, or a soulful adventure hangout with your closest friends and family, Kuju is here to help you be present to what matters most every day.

Why do we call it Source-to-Soul?

Because it’s not just about the sourcing. It’s about striving for impact in every part of the value chain we touch, from sourcing, to packing, to your purchasing and using the product, and most critically the ongoing effect it has on you after you use it. Are we perfect? Nope. But this is just the beginning and we invite you to be a part of it. To cultivate rejuvenation. To Kuju.