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Kuju X REI SF Tour

July 23, 2021 | By Kuju Coffee | News, Trending


You heard it here first!
Kuju X REI Tour launches in our home town of San Francisco with our friends and Kuju coffee lovers Giselle & Stephen or as most of you know them on Instagram @theloverspassport! 
Check out dates and details below to see where you can score a free cup of Kuju coffee and chat it up with Giselle and Stephen at our flagship retailer REI! 

 But let's get real - you want to know the scoop about Kuju Coffee X The Lovers Passport? We are going to take you behind the scenes of our partnership with The Lovers Passport, their story, and how they went from micro-influencer to 120K+ ( and growing) IG Followers!

Meet Lover's Passport ( IG: Theloverspassport):

It's a modern day fairytale story.

Girl meets boy. Boy meets girl. Boy takes girl on hike and brews a fresh cup of coffee on top of a mountain peak at sunrise. Girl and boy fall in love and BOOM a dynamic duo is born!

Giselle & Stephen:

"When we first met, we instantly noticed each other’s love for catching sunsets & sunrises, hiking, and doing any sort of outdoors activity. " - The Lovers Passport

You can follow their love for adventure together on IG: @theloverspassport.com 

They know all the best camp spots, hiking trails, and gear for any outdoor lover and their favorite go to source to help fuel all their wild adventures.....You guessed it.. Kuju Coffee Basecamp Blend

Kuju x The Lover's Passport:

We were first connected in July 2020 ( Yay - celebrating our 1 year partnership!) when Giselle and Stephen were planning for August and September camping, hiking, and backpacking trips around various California National Parks and through the Sierra Nevadas. 

 " We want to showcase how Kuju Coffee can help inspire more couples to enjoy early sunrises in the outdoors together." - The Lovers Passport

And that they have! 

Giselle and Stephen take Kuju Coffee on every adventure ( which is every weekend!) to stay fueled on their trips. However, Stephen did make us aware of one trip where there was only one Kuju Coffee left on the last day of the trip and it caused a fight, but Giselle ultimately won the last cup of coffee for that trip! 

Lesson learned - always pack an extra cup of Joe! You never know when it might be a two cup morning out there in the wild! 

Now, you get a chance to meet Giselle & Stephen too at a local North Cal REI store! They are so excited to drink coffee, chat with you, and share adventure stories and tips with fellow adventurers! 


Tour Info: 


 Where do you want to see the Kuju fleet head next?

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