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Fall Vs. Summer Camping

September 22, 2021 | By Kuju Coffee | Adventure Tips

When you hear "It's Camping Season!", what do you immediately think of? 
For most people, they think SUMMER TIME. 
Why is that? 
The weather is warm, all the national and state parks are open, campsites are open, and if you have kids - it is the perfect family vacation while the kids are on summer break from school and need to get out of the house and connect to nature. 
However, I would like to suggest we shift our minds to thinking about Fall when we think of camping season. 
There are so many benefits to camping during the Fall season vs. Summer. 


This one may be a personal preference and depend on what state you live in, but if you enjoy cool mornings to hike, perfect temperature to swim during the day, and an evening campfire - this season is for you! Our home roots of North Cal is the perfect 60-70 degrees during the Fall. With the right clothes and gear, these temperatures make fall camping more comfortable than in the hot humidity of summer.

 Cozy Vibes

Fall is all about cozy vibes. When people hear Fall and cozy, they are usually thinking about sweaters and pumpkin spice. However, cozy vibes in the camping world means bonfire, s'mores, and hot coffee!
Warm up your mornings or evenings with a Kuju Basecamp Blend Pour Over Coffee with notes of oak, chocolate and honey.
There is nothing more that gets me jazzed than a hot cup of coffee against a fall crisp morning in the woods. 

Less Bugs

Chilly fall temperatures chase the usual overflow of bugs to a warmer climate. This makes forested campsites, which are often flooded with mosquitos and nagging insects, more comfortable. Still, you should always keep bug spray packed, just in case.

Picture Perfect

Capture a perfect #kujumoment during the Fall! Brew and snap a picture on your sunrise coffee hike, toss and kick the falling leaves on the ground, and of course watch the 6:30 pm sunset. 


Take advantage of all the post Labor Day sales from gear, clothing, and reservations at hotels, lodges, and campgrounds.

Less Crowded 

Part of going camping is to escape people and reconnect with nature.  With less people inclined to camp during the school year, you can enjoy having fewer neighbors and less crowded hiking trails.



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