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Holiday Travel Coffee Hacks

December 13, 2019 | By Kuju Coffee | Adventure Tips

Holiday travel is here. The time of year where millions of people travel all around the world to visit friends and family for whatever holiday they celebrate. But no matter what we each celebrate, one thing is certain, and that's that if you're a coffee a drinker, you'll need your fix no matter where you wander. So we have 5 holiday coffee travel hacks to help keep you caffinated while visiting friends and family this season.

Our Top Holiday Travel Coffee Hacks

  1. BYOC: Bring Your Own Coffee
  2. Ship Coffee to Your Destination
  3. Use a Travel Mug to Keep Coffee Hot
  4. Get Water Anywhere
  5. Be Intentional

BYOC: Bring Your Own Coffee

First things first: you're going to need your own coffee. Unless you want to splurge on buying coffee from the cafe everyday or settle for an environmentally damaging K-Cup machine, you'll definitely want to bring your own coffee. You can bring common gadgets along like a french press or pour over device, but those take up space. And with the baggage fees of airlines today, space is more valuable than ever. Our recommendation is to bring a box of single-serve pour overs with you. They're portable, lightweight and don't require any equipment to brew. All you need is hot water and a mug or cup to brew in and you're all set.

Ship Coffee to Your Destination

Our next holiday coffee travel hack is for those who are tight on space in their luggage or maybe booked basic economy to save money and literally can't bring anything else while they fly. If that's the case, you can ship your coffee straight to your destination. We call it Ship-to-Trip™. Most of the time a whole bag of coffee might be too much, but if you wanted Kuju Coffee at your disposal while at your family's house, a 10-pack of our single-serve pour overs will do the trick with a cup of coffee a day for a little over a week, or if it's a short trip, you'll have plenty to share. If you order roughly a week in advance, your coffee will be waiting for you when you arrive, and you'll avoid extra baggage fees on both your flight to and from. Bonus: if you order from us, you can offset your carbon footprint with our carbon neutral delivery option.

Use a Coffee Travel Mug to Keep Your Coffee Hot

Don't enjoy drinking a cup of cold coffee? While traveling, we always recommend bringing an insulated coffee travel mug for two reasons. The first is so that your coffee stays hot no matter what. And the second is so that no matter where you are – airport, lounge, relative's – you'll have a mug to brew into. You can't have your coffee if you have nothing to drink it out of!

Get Hot Water Anywhere

To make hot coffee, you need hot water. The most ideal scenario is if you have a gooseneck kettle like the one in our Deluxe Brew Kit and access to a stovetop. But not everyone has this luxury, so if you have access to a stovetop, any kettle will do. Even a regular old pot works well. Just as long as you can heat up your water. One tip is to boil water in a pot and use a measuring cup to brew your pour over coffee. 

How about if you're out of the house? Maybe at the airport? One of our favorite methods for this holiday coffee travel hack is to ask one of the vendors for a cup of hot water. This is where your travel mug comes in handy because now you can brew single-serve pour over at the airport! 

Be Intentional

Traveling during the holidays is stressful and the last thing you want is for fetching a cup of coffee everyday feel like a chore. It's easy to forget to be mindful and slow down when you're running to catch your flight or are already late to lunch with the cousins. So our last holiday coffee travel hack is to be intentional with your daily coffee routine. Make it a point to relax while you brew your pour over and take time to relax just for a quick #KujuMoment. It's a great way to start your day, to center yourself and to remember to be grateful!

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