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Pour Over Coffee: What’s the Big Deal?

Posted by Kuju Coffee on

These days there is no shortage of ways to make your morning coffee. Espresso. AeroPress. French Press and perhaps the most buzzworthy - pour over. But what is pour over? Why is it better? How do you do it? We’ve pulled together the ultimate guide to pour over coffee. Let’s dig in!

The pour over brewing method is among the simplest ways to make coffee. All you need is a pour over cone (like the one below), a filter to fit inside the cone and your favorite coffee grounds. The cone can brew directly into a mug or if you’re brewing for more than one, a larger pot.

To brew, simply place your cone on top of your mug or vessel, place a filter inside the cone, add grounds on top of the filter and you’re almost there. The final step in this simply pour 200 degree water (just under boiling) over the top of the coffee. The coffee will drip filter through into the vessel below.  It can be just that simple!

Image courtesy of Homegrounds.com

There is an art to brewing coffee. If you want to dial in your brew a little more, here are a few tips:

  • First up and maybe most impactful, grind whole beans at home for maximum freshness and taste. We love this burr grinder from Bodum - http://a.co/cGZxo9P. You are looking for a medium grind for brewing by pour over.
  • Use a gooseneck kettle to pour the water for ultimate control of the water distribution over your grounds. The ideal pour is slow and evenly distributed. Our favorite is this Fellow electric kettle: http://fellowproducts.com/stagg-ekg/
  • Fine tune your coffee to water ratio with a kitchen scale (like this one). 25g of beans will make you a very well balanced cup of coffee. After you’ve measured out the beans for grinding, keep the scale nearby so you can also measure out the water. Place the whole brewing set up onto the scale, and tare your scale to zero before pouring any water over the beans. We generally like to pour just enough water to reach 250 grams in total weight.

Want to keep it simple (but still delicious)?: The Pocket PourOver by Kuju Coffee is a great way to get to know brewing via pour over. Our Pocket PourOvers include everything you need to brew pour over coffee all in one pouch so you can make the perfect pour over in just 3 steps. Each pouch includes a filter pre-filled with speciality grade coffee grounds. To brew, simply open up the filter, anchor to your mug and pour 200 degree water over the top of your grounds.  And boom! You’ll have a quality cup of coffee - even when you’re away from home and your normal coffee brewing routine.

To Quality!

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