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Announcing: New Single Origin Pocket PourOvers by Kuju Coffee

Posted by Kuju Coffee on

The same ease and convenience of the Pocket PourOver with single origin beans artfully sourced from three of the world’s most celebrated coffee locales

Why is it that our coffee routine at home is one of our most cherished, protected morning rituals but when we’re away from home, we quickly lower our standards as we accept lower quality, “I guess this will do” options? Whether it’s in a hotel room, an airport or a campsite, we’ve all been there.

We are on a mission to reclaim morning rituals…no matter where you are.

Enter the new Single Origin Pocket PourOver by Kuju Coffee, a single serving pour over coffee, filled with specialty single origin coffee beans sourced from three of the world’s most celebrated coffee regions.

Inspired by the joy of travel and adventure that fueled the original Pocket PourOver, a sip of our Single Origin coffees will transport you to new places with distinct natural flavors influenced by the unique terroir, climate and altitude of each region. Each of Single Origin Pocket PourOver is handcrafted in small batches from our headquarters in San Francisco for maximum flavor and quality.

Meet the latest additions to the Kuju Family:

    • Ethiopian Single Origin Pocket PourOver: A tantalizing balance of bold flavors and delicate nuance, you’ll experience an awakening with flavors of morning citrus, honey and the Yirgacheffe's signature blueberry notes. 
      • Region: Yirgacheffe, Alt: 6234 ft. 
    • Indonesian Single Origin Pocket PourOver: An exotic orchestration of umami and ripe fruit, this West Sumatra coffee gets depth from notes of aged berry, toasted cocoa and apricot.
      • Region: West Sumatra, Alt: 4265 ft. 

Premium Single Origin Pocket PourOvers join Kuju Coffee’s original line of light, medium, dark and decaffeinated Pocket PourOvers made from ethically sourced, speciality grade coffee.

To brew, simply remove Pocket PourOver from pouch and rip seal off along perforation. Using anchors to fit Pocket PourOver onto any mug, fill with water 4 times and you’ll have a freshly brewed cup of coffee.


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  • ABSOLUTELY love it.

    Lucas Hendrickson on

  • Is your packaging and apparatus biodegradable?

    Keny on

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