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Brewing Kuju When You Don't Have a Fancy Kettle (Video)

August 08, 2019 | By Kuju Coffee | Coffee


If you’ve been following Kuju, you have probably seen one of our videos on How to Make Single-Serve Pour Over or maybe even our Instagram Stories where we brew a cup of Kuju almost every morning.

In these videos, you see us using a kettle with a long spout, specifically used for brewing coffee. It’s called a gooseneck kettle and the long spout makes it easier to control your pouring, making for a very pleasant pour over coffee experience. You can get yourself one of these kettles here.

But we’ve created Kuju to make pour over coffee possible anywhere, and when you’re “anywhere”, you don’t necessarily always have a fancy gooseneck kettle with you. In fact, you might not have any sort of kettle with you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make yourself a cup of Kuju Coffee.

We’ve put together a list of alternative pots / kettles / pouring devices that you can use if you don’t have a fancy kettle on you. Whether you’re camping, backpacking, traveling, roadtripping, or staying in a hotel, you’ll always have a way to brew your Kuju.

Regular Electric Kettle

  • Best used for: hotels, visiting relatives, at home, Airbnb, at the office
  • Pros: Heats up water very quickly and consistently, comes in many different varieties either with a gooseneck or not, can be very affordable, good pouring control
  • Cons: Not always available when you're traveling, need a wall outlet to heat up water, sometimes more fragile than other methods
  • Product Recommendations: Fellow Stagg EKG

electric kettle

Stove-top Kettle

  • Best used for: visiting relatives, at home, Airbnb, at the office
  • Pros: Very durable, easy to find at a friend's house, relative's house or hotel, can be used with different types of stoves, good pouring control
  • Cons: Harder to control the temperature, the handle can sometimes get very hot
  • Product Recommendations: Fellow Stagg Pour Over Kettle

fellow stagg pour over kettle stove top

Cooking Pot

  • Best used for: at home, office, Airbnb, visiting relatives, camping, backpacking
  • Pros: Can heat up a large volume of water, can be used on all types of stoves, variety of sizes, widely available
  • Cons: Difficult to pour with control, can be bulky for travel

cooking pot

Jetboil / Camping Stove

  • Best used for: camping or backpacking, roadtrips
  • Pros: Can be used anywhere with no need for electrical outlets or other stoves, light and durable, very portable
  • Cons: Usually can only boil two cups of water max, requires external fuel, harder to pour
  • Product Recommendations: Jetboil Flash Cooking System, Camp Chef Stryker Stove

camp chef stryker stove

Insulated Bottle

  • Best used for: airports, Airbnb, roadtrips, day hikes, hotels
  • Pros: Very portable, has multiple uses other than pouring water, keeps water hot for brewing later in the day, good pouring control
  • Cons: Doesn't heat up water, water can cool down if you wait to long to brew
  • Product Recommendations: 12oz Kuju Coffee Hydro Flask

kuju coffee 12 oz hydro flask insulated bottle for coffee

A Regular ‘Ole Cup

  • Best used for: Airbnb, airports, hotels
  • Pros: Can find almost anywhere
  • Cons: Hard to pour, requires finding hot water

regular ole cup

Coffee Machine / K-Cup Machine

  • Best used for: hotels, Airbnb
  • Pros: Accessible and available in many hotels & Airbnbs, quick at heating up water
  • Cons: Can sometimes dispense water too quickly, not all coffee machines heat water up to the proper temperature

There are endless options when it comes to brewing a cup of Kuju Coffee, so the next time you're pining for a cup of delicious coffee, give one of these a try and enjoy Kuju wherever you wander. Grab Kuju on our website, Amazon or REI.com.

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