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How to Have Quality Coffee While Traveling During the Holidays

Posted by Justin Wiguna on

Traveling during the holidays can be stressful. You’re rushing to pack, there’s traffic on the way to the airport, your flight gets delayed, and by the time you get to your destination, you realize you forgot your toothbrush! With all that said, there’s one thing we often forget about until that first morning you wake up at your parents house, walk into the kitchen and realize...there’s no coffee!

For those of us who enjoy (read: absolutely need with no exceptions) quality coffee as part of our daily routine, this can be problematic, especially when the only option in the kitchen is a jar of instant coffee sitting in the back of the top shelf because well, no one actually drinks it. Or maybe it’s an old school coffee machine paired with a can of ground coffee that’s been sitting on the kitchen counter since the last time you were home for the holidays…last year, and we all know how that tastes.

So to help you out, we’ve put together some of our favorite ways to ensure that you don’t have to sacrifice quality coffee while traveling and can enjoy a little sip of rejuvenation this holiday season.

Ship-to-Trip™ and Ship Your Coffee to Your Destination
This is a favorite for our KujuKIN, and we always have people telling us that they’re buying Pocket PourOvers to send direct to their destination. It’s convenient, reliable, and leaves an open spot in your suitcase for your favorite holiday sweater. Just order a few days in advance at www.kujucoffee.com or on Amazon if you have a Prime account, and your Ethically Sourced single-serve pour over coffee will be waiting for you when you arrive.


Kuju Coffee Ship-to-Trip


Find a Local Coffee Joint
While it can be pricey if you’re looking for a good cup of joe (or two) every day, the local coffee shop is an easy solution. While you can probably find a big name coffee chain almost anywhere, we recommend doing a little research online with a trusty Google or Yelp search beforehand or by using the CUPS app. You may find a local gem that serves your favorite single origin pour over or even discover a new coffee you’ve never tried before.

Bring Your Favorite Coffee Brewing Set Up
Brew with pour over at home? French press? Single-serve pour over? Maybe a small coffee machine? Bring it all with you! Yes, it may be overkill, but it is a sure fire way to maintain your daily coffee routine while traveling to a loved one’s home. The one caveat is that we’d recommend grinding your coffee beforehand and transporting it in a ziploc bag. Alternatively, a hand burr grinder can come in handy. We recommend the GSI Outdoors Java Mill for its affordable price and portability.


Kuju Coffee Single-Serve PourOver Single Origin


Gift Your Family Coffee
Don’t want to bring your own set up with you? Why not gift your family one for them to have at home! It’s a win-win-win. You can introduce a new level of quality in coffee to your family, the investment will pay off for years to come for when you come home, and you’ll knock off a gift from the list. No more worrying about quality coffee when going home.

Alternatively, if an entire coffee setup takes up too much space in the kitchen or your family doesn’t care for another kitchen gadget, a 10-pack of Single Origin Pocket PourOvers is always a good option. You can still introduce a new world of coffee to your family but it won’t take up any space. Better yet, you don’t have to worry about all the other auxiliary equipment that goes with brewing good coffee.

That’s it! What are your favorite ways to have quality coffee while traveling during the holidays? Comment below!

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