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Behind our “Send A Cup” Campaign - Why We Do It

Posted by Kuju Coffee on

Every year, Kuju launches our annual Send A Cup campaign - when we invite our fans and customers to choose someone to send a Pocket PourOver to, along with a special note they write (or type!) - all compliments of Kuju Coffee. Last year all 100 sends were claimed within the first few minutes of launch, so we’re stoked to do it again this year! Check it out here.

The most touching part of this are the notes people write. It’s frankly touching to see that Kuju could facilitate and be a part of some of these special relationships, so we thank you for letting us be part of that. Below are just a few to peruse and maybe act as some inspiration:

- Thank you for all your hard work and long hours to support our family. You are amazing, and I love you forever!

- Thanks for always being there for me and being such a great adventure companion 💙

- Surprise! Sending you a special treat because you deserve it: today and everyday!! You are my sunshine.

- You always have a smile on your face in the morning and tell me you love me, here’s something to brighten your day. I love you.

    At the heart of Send A Cup is our mission - to inspire moments of rest & rejuvenation. We love the Pocket PourOver not only because it lets us experience fantastic coffee wherever we wander, but because the process of brewing it inherently asks us to take a moment to rest and be a bit more present.

    The sequenced act of opening the filter, anchoring to your mug of choice, and then pouring hot water over the fresh bed of coffee grounds inside reminds us that all good things take time. It creates space for us to have a moment with ourselves or perhaps another and remember what truly matters to us.

    Sharing this experience of rest & rejuvenation is what’s at the heart of Send A Cup and we are very glad to make it happen again.  So think of someone who matters to you and send them a cup of Kuju - this week!

    It’s on us. :)

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    • Sorry I didn’t get in under the limit. It would have been nice Linda, my beautiful wife, was born on Valentine’s Day. And Our wedding anniversary is on Feb. 12. For me it is a great time of the year. Now you may ask, which anniversary this is. Since we ran eloped after my first Submarine Deterrent Patrol, to cut a long story short, we got a ride from her college to Reno and got married there. It has been a wonderful adventure ever since.
      Thanks for letting me ramble on and maybe I will have better luck next time you make the offer of a cup of coffee.
      All the Best, Lyndon
      All the

      Lyndon Rich on

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