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How To Make Your RV Feel Like Home

Posted by Kuju Coffee on

Have you been wanting to try out #vanlife or explore our National Parks in a decked out RV? You're in luck. We've partnered with Tracks & Trails – creators of amazing RV adventure vacations – to bring you some of their best tips to make your RV feel like home, ultimately making your road trip both adventurous and comfortable. See the original post here.


Vacations are about getting away, exploring new territories, being with the ones you love, and discovering different experiences. But to get out of your comfort zone on vacation, it helps to have a comfortable place to decompress after your day’s adventure. And RVs are the perfect escape. Your RV can feel like your home away from home with just a few simple steps.

drinking kuju coffee in an rv

Enjoy your coffee just like you would at home – don’t sacrifice that perfect cup

If there is one thing we don’t do while we’re on the road, it’s drink a bad cup of coffee. Most #vanlifers or full-time RVers have figured that out too, and typically opt for a French Press to make a tasty cup of coffee. While very convenient, this tends to get quite messy. One of our go-tos is Kuju Coffee, a high-quality, delicious cup of coffee without the mess! Just place the bag in your mug and pour in hot water. Enjoy your coffee just like you would at home and get your day started, no clean up necessary.  

Unpack your stuff and give everything a home

One of the things we hear most from folks after their RV trip is how nice it was to only need to unpack once! No jumping from hotel to hotel, unpacking and repacking repeatedly. With an RV, you have the storage space to unpack your suitcase – and we highly suggest you do so. You’re more likely to put things away, keeping your RV tidy and organized. If you are going on the road for a long trip, we suggest bringing ways to create more space – basic organizing tools can make your storage space even more efficient.

Bring games!

Sitting around a campfire or relaxing after a day of adventure allows for downtime that we don’t always allow ourselves to have in our normal lives – we always need to be doing something (have you ever been out to dinner and realized everyone in your group is on their phones? Yeah, us too). These times are the perfect excuse to enjoy the people you are with. With an RV, you have plenty of space to bring along some of your favorite games, like the National Park themed Monopoly or the Parks Project National Park playing cards. So put down your phone and engage with your friends or your family. Raining outside? No problem. Hop in your RV and sit around your table. The weather can’t stop you.

Make your favorite meals

An RV gives you tons of options when it comes to cooking meals. If you like cooking over an open fire, you can bring all the tools you need. If the idea of that makes you cringe a little, you can opt for cooking inside instead. Most RVs will have a stovetop and a wide range of cooking utensils so you can cook most, if not all, of your favorite meals. Don’t want to cook at all? No problem! Your RV should also come equipped with a refrigerator and a microwave – which also make leftovers easy peasy!  

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