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5 National Parks and Their Perfect Coffee Pairings

April 20, 2019 | By Kuju Coffee | Adventure Tips

It’s National Park Week and we’re celebrating by sharing five of our favorite National Parks along with the point (best hikes), the pour (our recommended coffee for the park) and the pro-tip (tips from friends and ambassadors to help enhance your experience next time you’re at one of these parks). Why do we care to do this? As part of our membership with 1% for the Planet, we donate to the National Park Foundation, so naturally we love our parks and want you to too!

Let’s get to it!

Yosemite national park basecamp blend

The Park: Yosemite National Park

The Point: Hike Upper Yosemite Falls for a challenging hike, leading up to one of the best views of Half Dome in the entire park.

The Pour: Basecamp Blend – Our most approachable (and popular) blend is a perfect fit for an adventure through Yosemite.

The Pro-Tip: Get there before the weekend to set up base camp and avoid fighting the crowds for a campsite or parking. Bicycles are great for exploring the valley, so bring one if you have it. Otherwise, you can also rent one inside the park.

zion national park angels landing coffee

The Park: Zion National Park

The Point: The most popular hikes are Angel’s Landing and the Narrows. Both offer incredible views, but one climbs upward while the other brings you through the waters of Zion’s slot canyons.

The Pour: Angels Landing – We named this light roast after the Angel’s Landing hike in Zion. What more can we say?

The Pro-Tip: Enter from the east side (Highway 9 from Bryce Canyon or Grand Canyon) for an unbelievable descending drive in the valley that is reminiscent of Jurassic Park. Also, watch out for flash flooding in the slot canyons, especially right after or during the rainy season.

grand canyon national park bold awakening coffee

The Park: Grand Canyon National Park

The Point: The Bright Angel Trail is a classic 9.2-mile roundtrip hike offering incredible views of the canyon. Just be ready for a 3000-foot climb on the way back up!

The Pour: Bold Awakening – Bold and filled with dynamic flavors just like the ever-changing sky of Grand Canyon. Our darkest roast is fitting for the epicness of this park.

The Pro-Tip: While more difficult to get to, explore the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to avoid the crowds and experience a more serene atmosphere. The North Rim also has more greenery and flora, so if you’re looking for something a little different, check it out.

glacier national park ethiopia coffee

The Park: Glacier National Park

The Point: The Highline Loop is the way to go if you can only do one hike during your stay and offers amazing views of the park, abundant wildlife and wildflowers.

The Pour: Ethiopia Single Origin – The fresh blueberry flavors of our Ethiopian Single Origin pairs well with the cool, crisp air of Glacier National Park.

The Pro-Tip: While not an absolute requirement, you’ll want to plan your visit for at least 5 days to get a full park experience. Covering over a million acres, there’s a ton to see in Glacier National Park, and you’ll want the extra time to explore both the West and East Glaciers.

joshua tree national park papua new guinea coffee

The Park: Joshua Tree National Park

The Point: As a desert, there aren’t as many long hikes like the other national parks. Instead, spend your time exploring areas like Hidden Valley, Barker Dam or Lost Horse Mine.

The Pour: Papua New Guinea Single Origin – Joshua Tree’s vast desert needs a coffee that can taste great in the extreme hot and cold weather conditions. Papua New Guinea fits the bill, as its red oak and dark chocolate flavors only improve in flavor as the coffee cools.

The Pro-Tip: There are over 4500 climbing routes for all different skill levels inside Joshua Tree. If you’re into climbing, bring a crash pad and some friends to experience the park in a different way.

Did we miss your favorite National Park? Let us know in the comments below!

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