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Why We Created the Pocket PourOver Travel 5-Pack

Posted by Jeff Wiguna on

I think a lot of marketing out there attempts to justify the existence of a product that quite frankly just doesn't really need to exist. I'm not going to go into specifics but I think we can all remember a time learning of a product and just wondering, "What is this for?".  And so I just want to keep this straightforward in explaining why we created the 5-pack.  

The Travel 5-Pack was created because so many people had requests for a larger "bag" of Pocket PourOvers that they could bring with them any time they wanted quality coffee on-the-go.  Whether it was to a hotel room for a few days or a weekend camping trip, having 5 in an easy-to-carry bag just simplified the whole experience. 

The second piece was for people who have never experienced brewing a Pocket PourOver, the larger format just makes it easier to read and follow the directions, thereby assuring more people that they will get the incredibly flavorful cup of Kuju Coffee that is promised.

And my personal reason is actually because we think it looks beautiful. As entrepreneurs, we believe extending our work to pursue our mission of helping people reclaim their moments of rejuvenation is holistic - it happens in all parts of the business - not just supply chain and the actual coffee experience, but even in packaging design. The hope here is that the visual look of the Travel 5-Pack exudes a sense of rejuvenation whether you use it in your home kitchen, office or monthly travels.

So the next time you're brewing some coffee, grab your Pocket PourOver Travel 5-Pack and share the love!  

Here's to Quality,

CEO / Cofounder
Kuju Coffee

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