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Just Send It

September 01, 2017 | By Kuju Coffee | Stories

Photos and story by: Luke Webster

Luke Webster is a Kuju Coffee Ambassador and all around rad dude. Follow him on Instagram: @Luke Webster

I started to hear this term a couple of months ago. It was used almost as a dare, or maybe a form of encouragement, I couldn’t really tell. “Bro, just send it”. The outcome to this mantra was usually either an epic story, stunt, or most often, a pitiful failure. Regardless of the outcome, it was used to spur people on to do something crazy, and I loved it.

There are often stages in life when time is our most precious commodity. This summer I found myself in one of those seasons where time was scarce: each week I looked forward to a precious 36 hours of time off before heading back to work. While some spent those 36 hours getting rest before starting another hectic week I found myself, along with some friends, squeezing in as much adventure as possible.

Friends playing cards

Friends packing van

In prepping for a trip, I always get stoked thinking about what we are planning on doing; yet somehow forget to actually do any planning. Friday always seems to sneak up on me, and before I realize it the clock has already creeped up on 5pm and somehow there is no concrete plan for the weekend. It is in this moment that indecision kills some of the most epic and memorable weekends. It is between 4pm and 6pm where I discovered my favorite application for the term JUST SEND IT.

“It is in this moment that indecision kills some of the most epic and memorable weekends.”

Pocket PourOver with gear

It was a weekend in mid-July. All week long we had been discussing an overnight backpacking trip into the Ansel Adam’s Wilderness. Through indecision, lack of ownership and laziness we hit Friday with no plan. Instead of bagging the backpacking idea we quickly whipped out a map and decided upon a lake to backpack to. Hopping in my van, the six of us made our way down the forest service road in search of a rad adventure for the weekend.

Hiking through snow

Checking pack near lake

Hanging under the stars

To make a long story short, the trip didn’t go according to plan. Instead of backpacking the 12-mile round trip trail to Lillian Lake we got lost just finding the trailhead! Thankfully, we had our trusty topo map of Ansel Adams Wilderness, and quickly made a Plan B to Vandeburgh Lake. The fun didn’t stop there, as we hit the trail we were swarmed by clouds of mosquitoes so thick that we thought the apocalypse was upon us. As we pushed our way into the late evening, we realized that we would be hiking late into the night. By 11pm we still hadn’t reached our campsite by the lake and decided to crash just off the trail in a clearing.

The rest of the trip was fairly uneventful with just a couple of small hiccups here and there and plenty of coffee (shout out to Kuju Coffee).

Pocket PourOver in Hydro Flask

Waking up in sleeping bag

Brewing coffee in squat position

Yet even with all of the unexpected twists and turn the trip was still an overwhelming success. Without better words to describe we “just sent it”. That phrase is something I hope to live out more and more in the following months. Sending it doesn’t imply that we were unprepared; we had all the gear we needed including the two most important pieces of gear — our topo map and plenty of Kuju Coffee Pocket PourOvers to last the whole trip. Yet, sending it did mean that we took a risk, we were willing to take a couple of wrong turns, hike a couple of miles in the dark and have a different trip than we expected.

Friends in forest

Filling up on water in creek

Yvon Chounard has some rad words that are quite fitting:

“The word adventure has gotten overused. For me, when everything goes wrong — that’s when adventure starts.”

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