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3 Great Places to Use the Pocket PourOver

Posted by Jeff Wiguna on

Coffee is a wondrous thing, but sometimes making it can be drag. Between the portioning, grinding, cleaning and dealing with bags that don’t seal stay closed, we think there are some steps that can be cut out. The Pocket PourOver isn’t specifically designed to make brewing coffee faster (it’s not instant!), but it sure as heck does cut out a ton of steps and let’s you focus on brewing and maybe even think some positive thoughts about life to get your day going on the right foot. With that in mind…

Here are 3 of our favorite places to use the Pocket PourOver:

1. On A Plane— We absolutely love brewing the Pocket PourOver on airplanes. All you have to do is ask for one cup of hot water and one empty cup and voila! You now have freshly brewed pour over coffee — on an airplane! Not only do you not have to deal with stale plane coffee, but you’ll surely spark more than a few fun conversations with those around us — and if not, your neighbors will definitely be eyeing you — or at least wondering where that great coffee smell is coming from. (What to do with the used filter? Stash back in the pouch until the flight attendant collects the trash).

2. At Home — Yea, this might be boring but more times than I can count, I’ve walked into my kitchen and just didn’t want to grab a bag of beans, portion it out, grind them into a filter, portion the water and turn the coffee maker on, and clean up… Instead, I’ve opted to heat some water in kettle (200ºF!), open and anchor my Pocket PourOver to my mug of choice and pour! This usually takes 3–5 minutes like any pour over, but it made my coffee brewing so simple. The best part is, it still tastes great.

3. At the Office— If you’re like most people and don’t work at Google where they provide an endless supply of any coffee or food you want, join the club! Most offices provide instant coffee or some manufactured version of coffee from either a Keurig or giant hot beverage machine that brews anything. With the Pocket PourOver, just bring a Kuju Coffee Hydro Flask and find some hot water and you’ll have the whole office wondering why your coffee is so good. The best part, it’s so easy to stash a few in your bag, purse or desk drawer.

Here’s to Quality!
Kuju Cofounder & Eagle Scout

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