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The Ultimate Coffee Road Trip

Posted by Justin Wiguna on

Since we started Kuju Coffee, we've always believed in the idea that Quality Is Never Instant. Really good things take time and they take patience - quality relationships, road trips, brewing a fresh cup of pour over coffee in the morning. All these great things that add real value to our lives take time. 

When I had the chance to take the new 2018 Subaru Crosstrek with Kuju Coffee Pocket PourOvers on a California road trip, I obviously took the opportunity. I mean who wouldn't want to take an adventure vehicle loaded with coffee for a ride?

However, this short trip was not about where we were going. We didn't have a true destination. Just a direction and the goal of finding quality moments - Kuju Moments - on the way. But of course, it takes time and a little driving to find truly quality places to enjoy.

​With a full tank of gas, a stash of Kuju Coffee Pocket PourOvers, and a loaded trunk of gear, we took off from the steep hills of San Francisco and headed to the ocean with the plan to drive up and down the coast. As we cruised along the beautiful coast, we searched for turnoffs with stunning views of the classic California coast. We found ourselves near the Muir Woods National Monument amongst giant redwoods and curvy roads - perfect for the Crosstrek. After a quick stop under the shade of the forests to brew a fresh cup of coffee right in the car, it was time to head south to the beaches of Pacifica to enjoy the sunset.

Pocket PourOver Inside Crosstrek

Brewing Kuju Coffee in Subaru

A few hours of cruising down Highway 1 brought us to a golden sun setting against the glimmering ocean. We pulled off the road as soon as we could, popped the trunk, and cozied into the trunk to enjoy the view until dark. The perfect Kuju Moment. A moment of quality and rejuvenation that was only reached after a full day of driving. If we had decided to head straight for the sunset, the experience would not be nearly the same, and the memory of it would not have lived on with such vividness.
Kuju Logo on Subaru Sunset

The mini road trip was not about the destination. It was about the pursuit of quality moments, which are by no means easy to come by. They don't come instantly, but they're always worth it. #KujuMoment

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