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Why Your #KujuMoment is Now More Important Than Ever

April 01, 2020 | By Jeff Wiguna | Home: Your New Basecamp, News

This title article is a kick off to Home: Your New Basecamp – a new Kuju Journal series providing you tips, ideas and inspiration to help you Cultivate Rejuvenation at home during this new shelter-at-home era.  #ForWhereverYouWander 

Peace at home is hard to come by these days. Work, school, kids, eat, sleep, and maybe even exercise – it all happens at home now. Dare we say it’s a bit wonderful however, that we may experience our full humanity in ways not experienced before. But tough it still is.

Questions we can’t recall ever having to ask have quickly become part of routine decision making for the day. Where should I sit to do this conference call, quietly? 

What’s the safest time to shop for groceries, or should we call it a supply run now?

Do I need to sanitize everything I bring home? Is a mask really necessary?

Media reports are also proving very apt at bringing news from the front lines of this pandemic into our homes. In doing so, the news of small businesses struggling (and shuttering); unemployment skyrocketing and an evident lack of certainty on what the future will bring can easily enter our subconscious, or even consciousness.

With so much happening, so quickly, we at Kuju thought long and hard about if we had a specific role to play in any of this. Did we, as a pour over coffee company, have a moral responsibility to do more than just operate, or was simply operating now a moral responsibility? The idea of keeping your people employed now sounds like a far away past for some industries. 

We ultimately realized the only way we could discover how to help meaningfully was to go to our core Kuju philosophical DNA first – our mission to Cultivate Rejuvenation. And it was there that we were brought back to the original idea Kuju was founded from in the first place – your #KujuMoment – a moment of rest and rejuvenation.

No prescriptive definitions or normative behaviors attached to it, just what it means to you in your own unique situation and important way. This made sense. After all, small moments of rest and rejuvenation would seem like a great antidote to what we’re all grappling with.

So today we announce our #KujuMoment Mornings – a virtual coming together of our KujuKIN and others who seek to join us (you of course are invited) via Google Hangout to brew a Kuju, listen to each others’ thoughts, hopes or fears for the day and set each other off for another day of brave adventure with as much empathy as possible. No social expectations or pressures. Just a desire to share in the pursuit of a moment that can help elevate the experiences of those around us.  

The Kuju team will be hosting #KujuMoment Mornings every Wednesday and Friday morning at 10am PST through all of April. If you're interested.

And so while we certainly wish you were instead bringing Kuju with you on an epic outdoor adventure with your friends and loved ones, to somewhere quiet and beautiful, somewhere where the economy doesn’t matter, to experience your own #KujuMoment, brewing Kuju at home is fine too, as it always was anyway. And maybe that quiet, beautiful place, could simply be where you are right now.

To journeys near, far and home,
CEO / Co-founder


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