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Bringing the Adventure Home When You Work Remotely

April 01, 2020 | By Kuju Coffee | Adventure Tips, Home: Your New Basecamp

By: Ashley Helmbreck - Kuju Team Member (Sales & Marketing), Seattle Native, Snowboarder, Wakeboarder and dog mom to a Golden Retriever.

This article is part of Home: Your New Basecamp – a new Kuju Journal series providing you tips, ideas and inspiration to help you Cultivate Rejuvenation at home during this new shelter-at-home era.  #ForWhereverYouWander 

Did you know the Kuju team has worked remotely for over a year? What was at first a challenge is now one of our team's greatest strength. We embrace our mission – Cultivate Rejuvenation – and values everyday both individually and as a team. Our ability to adventure, wander, and rejuvenate at home, on a hike, camping, or on a video call allows us to take pride and ownership in our brand and daily work flow.

Below are my favorite habits, tips and tricks to bring my natural adventure instincts to my home work space:

Morning Routine

I may not have the same morning routine as someone that goes to the office everyday and I am totally okay with that! I get to exchange those long commute times in the car with a little time to rejuvenate. My favorite habit? Brewing my favorite pour over coffee – Kuju Coffee – every morning. No surprise all Kuju team members are properly stocked with an ample supply. No wonder why it's so hard for me to pick a favorite roast. I mix up which roast I choose based on my mood that morning. FYI, I'm currently on a Papua New Guinea kick! Regardless of which roast I brew in the morning, the first hour of the day is for coffee and mindfulness.

Pets as Coworkers

Fun Fact. Every member of the Kuju team has a dog. While my four legged furry coworker may not be able to enjoy a delicious cup of pour over coffee with me, he ( Brinkley, The Golden Retriever) is always my shadow while brewing a fresh cup of joe in the kitchen. Imagine being able to smell your freshly brewed pour over coffee at 10 times the potency you do now? Sounds like I am a little jealous because I don't have the same sense receptors of our pets. While enjoying that cup of coffee, Brinkley makes for the best listener. All those thoughts that start rushing through your head as the caffeine hits, my dog is there to listen to the best (and craziest!) ideas with no judgement. Everyone could benefit from a coworker like that!

pets as coworkers

Video Calls

Have an Early Morning Call? A lunch time call? 

My Tip: start the call by showing off your favorite brewing method on the video. Grab your favorite mug, some hot water and your favorite coffee and show off to all your team members how you make your coffee at home. Some days I use a hot water kettle, some days I pour my hot water straight from a pot (to get that full adventure experience!), or sometimes I store my hot water in a Hydro Flask and start brewing mid-call! Let's face it, it's way better than that pot of coffee we have all had at our old office jobs. Time to impress those coworkers!


Trail Mix, Granola Bars, Fruit Leather (OH MY!). These are not just my favorite hiking snacks. Healthy snacks are the brain food behind all the Kuju team members at their home work operation. So go dig into your backpack, old camping bag or make a trip to the store to have these adventurous healthy snacks available to you at all times. Have some extra time at home without your normal commute nowadays? My favorite snack is my grandpa’s homemade fruit leather. Don’t forget to pair your snack with your favorite cup of joe! 

Kuju is For Wherever You Wander™. The Kuju team truly works wherever we wander and hope that you find this tips helpful in bringing a little bit of adventure home when you work remotely. 

Let us know in the comments below what your habits and tips are for working remotely!

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