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Our Favorite Foods Practically Invented to Pair With Coffee

April 15, 2020 | By Kuju Coffee | Coffee, Home: Your New Basecamp

This article is part of Home: Your New Basecamp – a new Kuju Journal series providing you tips, ideas and inspiration to help you Cultivate Rejuvenation at home during this new shelter-at-home era.  #ForWhereverYouWander 

There’s a lot of cooking happening these days. For many of us, we’re being forced to cook because eating out just isn’t an option and ordering in isn’t as appealing as it used to be, and heck we want to make sure we can eat.  For others, we finally get to cook to our hearts’ content! From beautiful dessert tarts to never been tried before beef wellington dinners, and of course the ever trusty loaf of sourdough to the infamous Dalgona Coffee (we think real coffee is still better for the record) – it’s all up for grabs.

For all the new food experimentation going on, we at Kuju still think there is nothing better than the right food properly paired with a wondrously delicious cup of coffee – pour over coffee hopefully. It may not be as feastly as a beautiful sweet potato shepherd's pie or a south of the border Tex-Mex style lasagna with creamy red sauce.

But a good cup of coffee with just the right accompaniment can make the difference between a good day and a bad one. And we want you to have the former. So here are some of our recommendations:

French Toast

Bread is delicious. Syrup is delicious. And when you put the two together, you get french toast. There’s nothing better than the soft texture of a well made piece of french toast you can bite into that fuses beautifully with an organic maple syrup, ideally from Vermont. And if you can end cap each bite with a smooth yet bold cup of coffee flavor, your last bite of french toast should feel just like your first.

Our coffee pairing recommendation: Bold Awakening, Dark Roast

Yogurt with a Touch of Granola

Yes, this is not really cooking and that’s why we love it. It’s so simple! Just grab any yogurt, sprinkle some of your favorite granola. There are tons of types – chocolate, vanilla crunch, super sweet or even slightly plain. Other granolas come in larger clusters while others pour by the oat. It just depends on what kind of texture you like. We prefer a simple loose texture with not much sugar, added to a plain vanilla greek yogurt. If the yogurt is overly sweet it will distract from your coffee’s flavor notes. The granola is there to add texture.

Our coffee pairing recommendation: Ethiopia, Single Origin

Chocolate Croissant

Ah...the infamous chocolate croissant. A staple of every specialty bakery out there that seems to exist as importantly as the loaf of bread or the gallon of milk you expect to see during every grocery store run. The beauty behind this wonderful piece of pastry? Kids and adults love it. And why wouldn't they? You get the best of two worlds. If you love buttery, flaky croissants, you got it! If you love chocolate, you got it! It requires little saying why the chocolate will meld well with your coffee and we don’t think we need to say much about the croissant so we’ll just stop wasting words here.

Our coffee pairing recommendation: Angels Landing, Light Roast

Eggs & Bacon

The original!  Breakfast doesn’t need to get fancy. Just a plate of love-cooked eggs and bacon off the pan and onto your plate will get the family or roommates up. However, bacon and eggs alone don't do it. Great things come in three, so you have to make sure your cup of coffee is there by your side. Take a bit of bacon, then your eggs, then swig some coffee and you can pretend you're eating at an old-school diner, keeping yourself honest.

Our coffee pairing recommendation: West Sumatra, Single Origin


Never heard of this? That’s ok. The biscotti was the original by-the-register purchase that was supposed to be made with your coffee. Basically a bread stick but made to be sweet, crunchy and a great complement to any coffee beverage. Well, maybe you have heard of it but these days you’ll be hard to come by a biscotti at a local specialty coffee shop, but these things are the godfather of all the fancy pastries you see behind the flat glass wall. We needed to add it to our list to pay homage to our ancestors here. How well does it go with coffee? It goes great if you love the crunch!

Our coffee pairing recommendation: Basecamp Blend, Medium Roast

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