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7 Reasons You Need to Try Pour Over Coffee

August 04, 2020 | By Kuju Coffee | Coffee, Trending

You roll out of bed and head to your kitchen to make yourself a cup of your favorite pick me up. You’ve got to have your coffee or your morning is ruined. In fact, to get the proper amount of energy you need more like two cups.

How would you like to get all the caffeine you need in only a single cup of joe? The answer is pour over coffee. Coffee created using this method has a higher caffeine content and it has an overall better flavor.

These aren’t the only benefits you’ll receive from brewing your coffee this way. Check out this guide to learn more.

What is Pour Over Coffee?

Before we get into why pour over coffee is superior, let's talk more about what it is. It involves placing coffee grounds into a paper filter and pouring hot water over them.

The water runs through the grounds and filters the coffee into your favorite mug. It takes a little longer to make than your standard cup of joe but trust us when we say the time you spend brewing it will be more than worth it when you take that first sip. 

1. It's More Practical Than Machines 

There is nothing worse than walking into your kitchen in the morning to make a cup of coffee only to realize that your machine is broken. Your pour over system doesn't use a single electronic or moving part so missing out on your drinks for the morning is something you never have to worry about. 

Since it doesn't use any electronic parts, there's nothing to plug-in. This means you can make a cup of coffee no matter where you are.

As far as cleaning goes, your entire pour over system can go in your dishwasher. The same can't be said for that heavy espresso machine sitting on your counter. 

2. It Creates an Amazing Flavor 

Coffee has a bunch of natural oils and residues that will affect the taste of your drink and not in a good way. The paper filter used in the pour over method catches these oils and stops them from ending up in your cup. It will allow you to enjoy the true flavor of the beans. 

This creation method also lets you experiment with flavor a little bit. You can alter the taste by changing up the amount of coffee you use or by altering the water temperature. 

3. The System is Easy to Use 

Perhaps the best thing about pour over coffee is that anyone can make it. Sure, it might take a few tries to get the exact flavor that you want but the method itself is pretty straight forward. 

Coffee machines come with complex booklets and have a ton of buttons that you have to figure out. If you punch in the wrong commands, your coffee won't taste that great. Even if you do push the right buttons, you still have no control over how your coffee comes out. 

Pour over systems give you more control over your cup of java. It gives you the chance to practice and experiment until you make a cup of coffee that you're happy about. 

4. Pour Over is Cheaper 

The cheapest coffee you can get is instant coffee but the quality can be a bit questionable. With espresso machines and coffee makers, you'll get a better cup of coffee but they are expensive. These machines also tend to break which will leave you having to pay more money for a replacement. 

Buying pour over equipment is cheaper than buying an espresso machine and for the most part, you only have to buy it once. Pour over coffee equipment also allows you to make shop quality coffee without having to spend five bucks a cup. 

5. It's Environmentally Friendly 

You may love your k-cups but the environment doesn't. All that plastic ends up in landfills where it takes years to break down. Again, pour over coffee systems use a paper filter. 

You're still tossing away garbage but the paper filters don't take as long to break down. It's much more environmentally friendly. 

6. It Gives You the Jumpstart You Need 

Have you never been a morning person? Is it hard for you to begin your day without having a cup of coffee? If so, then pour over coffee will be perfect for you. 

It's true that all coffee contains caffeine. The thing is, you may have to drink several cups of your regular coffee in order to get the energy boost that you need. Due to the preparation method, pour over coffee contains twice the amount of caffeine. 

7. Pour Over has Health Benefits 

While even unfiltered coffee has its health benefits, filtered coffee is leagues better for you. Some of the oils in coffee contain compounds that block the receptors in your body that are responsible for regulating your cholesterol levels. As you can imagine, this takes a toll on your health. 

When you make pour over coffee, the paper filter stops these oils from getting into your cup. Your cholesterol levels stay normal so you can enjoy your cup without a care in the world. 

Use the Pour Over Method for a Perfect Cup of Coffee

Pour over coffee is made by placing coffee grounds in a paper filter and pouring hot water over them. This method brings out the bold flavor of the beans, keeps harmful oils from getting into your cup, is more environmentally friendly, and is super easy to use. 

It's time to change up your coffee drinking experience for the better. Visit our shop to check out our coffee options and pick up your own pour over equipment. 

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