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5 Things to Do With the Extra Sun From Daylight Savings Time

March 14, 2019 | By Kuju Coffee | Adventure Tips

Photo by Luke Webster

Daylight savings time happened this past Sunday. Sure, it’s a tradition that was started over 100 years ago, and yes, it does mean we all lose an hour of sleep (lucky for us, we have plenty of coffee to help with that). But this age-old tradition also gives us what seems to feel like a few hours of extra daylight. More time for our favorite outdoor adventures and activities. However, it doesn’t last forever, so with the help of our Kuju Ambassadors, we put together a list of some of our favorite activities to do with the extra sun from daylight savings.

Inspiration for the taking! 

Spend quality time with loved ones

The extra sun is a great excuse to spend more quality time with your loved ones. No longer do we have to sit at home and eat dinner in front of the TV. We can now enjoy dinner out at the park or outside!

“Mine is pretty simple. Just enjoy dinner with wife and daughter in the sunlight...inside or on a balcony or enjoy going to the dog park for fetch at 6pm...that hasn't been possible for the last 6 months” -Jeff Wiguna


“Dinner picnics. Car wash at dusk.” -Stephen Miller (@stvmllr)

walking across the bridge at sunset

Photo by Tracey Sawatzky

Take a neighborhood walk or hike

Anyone can do this one. The lighting is almost magical after work hours, and it’s almost begging you to spend time in it. Taking a walk or hike in your neighborhood or local ‘urban escape’ is a great way to rejuvenate and get some exercise in at the same time.

“Hiking the river valley trails in the middle of my city - a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.” -Tracey Sawatzky (@traceysawatzky)


“With the extra sunlight, I can take a nice, brisk evening power walk at the park. Time to bring sexy back for summer!!” -Pamela Sloss (@slossyshouse)


“Enjoy having dinner with a view or just taking a walk and exploring the neighborhood, wherever I happen to be. Today will be exploring Truckee cause I’m actually headed there now.” -Sarah Jeremiah (@princessSASJ)

truckee dinner with a viewPhoto by Sarah Jeremiah

Explore more of the great outdoors

This may seem like an obvious one from Kuju, but our ambassadors had some really awesome activities that daylight savings time enables them to do. Extending your ski tour? Check. Start training with 60 lb sand bags for the coming hunting season? Check.

“With the extra daylight, I like to extend my ski tours into the late evening and watch the sunset from the mountains. It also allows my kayak tours to go later. A few extra hours, or even minutes can allow me to put in a few extra miles on the trail or on the water, giving me the opportunity to get to places that simply take a little more time to access.” -John Chapman (@its_johnny_appleseed)


“I’ll be using the extra daylight to get in some scouting trips for turkeys, and doing weighted rucks and other training for backcountry hunts this fall. I’ll be using my pack and I have a 60lb bag of sand I’ll be toting in it...mostly hills.” -Dustin Smith (@dstngc74)

Enjoy the magic of the changing seasons

In addition to the daylight, our surroundings change too. Plants start coming out of their dormancy, flowers start to bloom and wildlife becomes more active. Not only that, but the sky becomes clearer. Take some time to just enjoy the beauty of nature.

“Plant walks and star navigation courses. With the change of seasons in the air a lot of new plant life and biodiversity shows itself, which is big in the outdoor community whether backpacking, camping, climbing or anything. You're always interacting with mother nature so as a botanist I train people to familiarize themselves with basic plants all the way up to level four hundred expert plant classes. It's a good skill to have in your back pocket if you’re an outdoor enthusiasts...to know your surroundings and know what's good and bad for you. Navigation or orienting courses is something I teach on the side. With a beautiful spring sky starting to show themselves at night, constellations and stars are appearing brighter so it's easier to navigate whether on land, ocean or trail” -Lee Trebotich (@natty_the_adventurer)

Rejuvenate with the morning sun and a cup of coffee

This one is surprising, and one that we don’t always think about. Not only do we get more daylight, but the sun rises later, which means more of us can enjoy the beauty of a morning sunrise. Pair it with a cup of Kuju Coffee, and you’ve got yourself a true #kujumoment. 

With daylight savings, the sun rises later. The morning lighting is amazing and I love sitting with a good cup of coffee while enjoying the morning vibes of a rising sun.” -Justin Wiguna (@justinwiguna)

We loved hearing from our ambassadors about how they’ll be using the extra daylight, and we’d also love to hear from you...so what will you be doing with this extra gift of daylight?

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