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Kuju Affiliate Program

Kuju Coffee is the original pocket pour over — the perfect cup of coffee for anyone who loves adventure but hates instant packets. Found nationwide in REI and other retailers, Kuju provides a pocket solution to a common problem: how can you get an amazing, wake-up-and-love-life cup of coffee wherever you are?

Not only does Kuju make the best cup of coffee on-the-go, they also care deeply about the parks and land that their coffee is so often enjoyed on. Founded by two Eagle Scouts, Kuju supports local coffee farming, packs their grounds in facilities powered by wind, and gives part of their revenue to support national parks every year.

Why become a Kuju Affiliate?

  • 10% on every single sale
  • 120-day cookie window
  • Consistent product releases
  • Stellar affiliate support
  • No restriction on product categories
  • Hundreds of five-star reviews across Amazon, REI, and Whole Foods


Questions? Email us at info@kujucoffee.com