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Top 5 Times When Your Coffee Maker Just Doesn't Cut It

October 21, 2020 | By Kuju Coffee | Coffee

Coffee makers can be our best friends. They brew our first cup of coffee every morning and sometimes do it without us telling it to if you have a timer.  But sometimes the coffee maker just doesn’t cut it the way you want it to. Here are some of those times plus some "Kuju Fixes" to go with them!


When you just don’t have the time

Brewing incredible, delicious coffee always takes time. Even instant coffees that are meant to be higher quality still have a tint of flatness in their flavor because of the processing.  In this case, the coffee maker itself isn’t the problem, but all of the steps associated with it: (1) Grabbing your filter (2) placing it into the machine (3) portioning your beans (4) grinding your beans, (5) filling the coffee maker with water, and on and on. As we write this, each of these steps feel like no big deal, but in combination they take time. And if you’re a busy work-from-home parent, you’re dealing with 1 million small things each day and sometimes, you just don’t have the time!

The Kuju Fix: One of our pour overs just takes 2 minutes!  Everything is pre-portioned, freshly sealed and easy to anchor, so you don’t have to worry about these small steps.


When you just don’t have the space 

If you’re living in a city, rent is pricey, and so is that counter space. And if you that counter, maybe you like it to be clean and clutter free. Even the smallest coffee makers usually take up the space of a small toaster oven. And that’s no big deal, but others make you feel like you might as well own two KitchenAide mixers. Luckily, some of these coffee makers look nice and in a way are fun to have, but still, sometimes the space just isn’t there - you need it for your laptop these days for those work from home days that now happen..Monday through Friday.

The Kuju Fix: Our pour overs fit in your pocket! So a stash can stay hidden in your pantry, and travel with you on your next camping trip since everything else is basically closed.


When you don’t have the money

Sure, your Mr. Coffee coffee maker from your dorm room days probably works just fine and we’re not knocking that. What we’re referring to is the fact that coffee makers have gotten so fancy lately that those prices just seem to never stop climbing, like this nearly $400 coffee maker that literally only brews drip coffee.  Prices also seem to continue to climb at coffee shops for that incredible pour over coffee your local barista used to pour. Last we saw, there was a $14 pour over...a bit much we think.

The Kuju Fix: We’re less than $2 a cup here and still high on quality - true pour over quality that is.


When you just don’t feel like it

On days when you’re simply tired from a bad night’s sleep, or you just don’t want to fidget around with all the pieces you need to get your coffee maker going, we think just not feeling like doing all that work is, well...fair. Before COVID hit, this is when we would resort to heading to our local coffee shop and pony up $4 or more for a cup of coffee and even more for a latte. We love coffee shops and have nothing against them, but right now a lot of them are also just not open. A casual stroll down your Manhattan sidewalk to the local shop just isn’t a thing right now.  And plus, humans are emotional beings first, so it’s ok to just accept that “not feeling like it” is totally valid, right?

The Kuju Fix: If you don’t feel like it maybe try not drinking coffee for a day?  How daring!  But seriously, get outside and go on a hike instead and get some of your mojo back.


When you’re not sure which one to buy

Now maybe nothing above has resonated with you and you love your duty and commitment to your best coffee maker buddy.  But say it’s time to get a new one - the options out there are nuts!  Going through that decision making process can be tough and time consuming. Time you probably want to use making coffee instead.  Which brings us back to our first pointer here - when you just don’t have time!

The Kuju Fix: The Kuju Starter Pack helps you find your favorite roast and comes with a free Kuju Enamel Mug - for home and your favorite campsite.


Alas, you still love your coffee maker?  We can't complain but for all those other times you don't there is always a fix. And in a way, Kuju's pour overs are kind of like coffee makers that just happen to travel well, require no electricity, no portioning, no counter space, and taste damn good.  Maybe there's an award for smallest coffee maker ever that could fit in your pocket that you could also bring camping?

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