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This Summer - Are You Packing Instant or Quality?

Posted by Jeff Wiguna on

Summer is around the corner and we’re all getting ready to commence our annual prep and pack rituals as we gear up for our next outdoor adventure. As two Eagle Scout brothers, this was a regular thing for myself and my co-founder Justin. Making sure you have the right gear is not only great preparation, but it’s fun!

But alas, all this time the only coffee we could pack was some instant stick, it was never great, but it was all we had. Even until 2015, if it wasn’t an instant stick, it was an jar of instant, still not great!

And this is why we were stoked to see that one of our fans, Ryan (IG: Ryan Noeker), had created this awesome stop motion video showing off what was in his adventure pack. It featured all the new cool stuff that we can do bring, in addition to some long-proven food staples: Mountain House, Stanley, Biolite, North Face, Nit-Ize and…Pocket PourOvers!

As we gear up towards Summer, what are you trekking with? And more interestingly, what coffee gear are you trekking with? You’re going to see some amazing sites and build some great memories with loved ones, friends and maybe even a dog or two. Why not have the coffee match the upcoming grandeur you are about to experience? Life’s too short to be content with instant.

Show us how you’re ditching instant on Instagram: @kujucoffee.


Want to watch the stop motion video? Click here.

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