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Love Letters from the KujuKIN

July 17, 2020 | By Kuju Coffee | Stories

At Kuju we take pride in the quality of the coffee we choose, roast and ship to you. That’s why we only use the top rated specialty-grade coffees that are Ethically Sourced or Fair Trade, Organic certified. It’s what makes our coffee standout in addition to our innovative pour over filters.

But that’s really just our opinion, which is why we love to hear from our customers – the KujuKIN – to hear what they think. Everyday, members of the KujuKIN write in to us to let us know what they think of our coffee in reviews, emails and DMs. We hear stories ranging from people taking Kuju Coffee on their overseas adventures to making Kuju their go-to coffee at work. 

Our pour overs have been used all over the world for all sorts of different occasions, but as we hear more stories, we have started to see patterns of what people love most about Kuju Coffee products – it tastes delicious, it’s convenient and it’s great for camping and the outdoors.

So we wanted to highlight some of the quotes from our customers. Because if you’re thinking about trying Kuju (or maybe already have), this will be a great resource to help determine if Kuju Coffee is the coffee upgrade you’ve been searching for. We hope it is!

Tastes Delicious

The most common thing we hear from our customers is that they love the taste. Whether they’re fans of the Bold Awakening or Basecamp Blend, we have six unique roasts that cover a range of coffee taste preferences. We’ve chosen our beans and roast profiles to match specific taste profiles. We wanted to make sure that each coffee not only tasted like the best cup we’ve ever had, but also to ensure that each is unique from one another. Here’s what our customers have to say:

“Love this coffee! It's easy and fun to make, and delicious every time.” -Lindahl G

“Love the concept! The coffee is freaking delicious!” -Jan

“My husband is an avid coffee drinker, who pronounced your Bold Awakening brew as "the best coffee he ever drank.” -Louise G

“I love this coffee! This is one of the best tasting and easy to make coffees around! I take it camping and on trips wherever I go.” -Katrina F

“I'm a camper, backpacker and scout mom. Before finding Kuju pour over I would pack my bulky percolator for camping trips and instant coffee for backpacking trips. When I stumbled upon Kuju online and read that it was founded by two Eagle Scouts, I knew I wanted to support the company and give it a try. Kuju is quite honestly the best cup of coffee I have EVER had on the trail. While backpacking and drinking instant coffee to get my caffeine fix, I really had to swig it down and ignore the taste. With Kuju, I'm getting an incredible cup of coffee on par with what I could make at home. I will never pack my percolator on camping trips again. Coffee lovers, please give this a try. It will not disappoint! I have recommended Kuju to all my friends and family that spend time in the outdoors.” -Nicole B

“I bought a 10-pack of Kuju Basecamp blend coffee last year for a canoe trip to the Boundary Waters. I usually drink my coffee at home with brown sugar or maple syrup and a bit of oat milk, but this coffee is DIVINE on its own. It's so easy to make - just pour hot water over the top - but the flavor/quality of the coffee is absolutely exquisite. I'll keep buying these for every camping trip, and maybe sometimes for just at home (:” -Hayley


The second most common thing we hear from customers is that they love how convenient our pour over filters are and how easy it is to use. All of our pour overs come packed with coffee inside a pour over filter with anchors attached, so that all you need to brew a fresh cup of coffee is hot water and a mug.

“I love this delicious coffee and its clever pour over design!” -KE S

“I originally found these at REI and tried them and I got hooked. Ordered more in bulk from the Kuju site. These little pouches are great design and very easy to pack in/pack out. Highly recommend!” -Lauren U

“This has been a game changer for me with work from home and sending coffee to friends afar. Thanks for a great product with solid values!” -Teresa P

“I haven't been this happy with a product in a long time. The packaging is simple to open. The bag stays put on the edges of the cup as you pour water. The coffee has a fantastic flavor. It is the answer we have been looking for in terms of coffee when camping. Before this we used large filters and brought ground coffee for pour over coffee. This is SO much easier. And tastes way better. Wonderful product.” -Amazon Customer


Great for Camping and the Outdoors

Lastly we find that in addition to people saying that they love the taste and that it is convenient, our KujuKIN also talk about how much they like it specifically for camping or other outdoor activities. This doesn’t come as too much of a surprise because after all, Kuju Coffee was started by two Eagle Scout brothers who got tired of instant coffee.

“Makes a great cup of coffee. Perfect for a day hike or back packing. Well thought through design is easy to use. Thank you Kuju Coffee!” -Anne C

“It’s nice to know that I can enjoy quality coffee when I’m cruising on the boat. I also pack Kuju when I’m beach combing and camping with the kayak, so nice to have a great cup of coffee in the morning and just soak it all in.” -David D

“This was so convenient for the 7 day hiking trip I was on. Really delivered on the cool mountain mornings.” -Nathan H

“Bought these to have on camping and backpacking trips. Great flavor overall, really easy to use packaging. Overall would highly recommend for anyone looking for a high quality coffee product, especially for camping and backpacking.” -Nikki

“This dark roast coffee is amazingly good! I've tried countless other types of coffee for hiking and backpacking trips -- instants, tea bags, freeze-dried, etc. This is by far the best I've found and the pour over setup works great! It's a truly dark, strong and delicious coffee.” -Daniel O’Connor

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