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6 Ways To Cozy Up & Enjoy Your #KujuMoments

October 08, 2020 | By Kuju Coffee | Adventure Tips

This article is part of the Kuju Journal series: "FINDING YOUR #KUJUMOMENT - a moment of rest & rejuvenation - in the midst of the anxiety and ambiguity of 2020"

A moment can change a lifetime. But who cares? We just want a moment to change the next 12 months at this point (and that's probably still stretching it)!  So often we recount our memories as moments that changed the course of our lives - “when I took that job”, “when I realized I could do more”, or “as a kid I made this decision” - all refer to specific moments.  Many of these moments come upon us or fall into our laps, but not often enough do we intentionally create these moments in an effort to craft the world around us, or to more fully determine our own destiny.

Here are 6 occasions, times during your week, or opportunities, whatever you might want to call them, that we’re explicitly pointing out so you can own and create your own #KujuMoments within them, and hopefully change how the next 12 months go for you. Of course, don’t forget the coffee. That's the cozy part. :)

1. Drink Coffee With Your Dog!

Who can say no to their best friend?  With all that is happening these days these buddies of ours are easily getting the short end of the stick (metaphorically that is). The great thing about this is your buddy there isn't paying attention to COVID.  She's not paying attention to the Presidential Election.  She doesn't even really care what's happening at your job. She just wants to continue being your best friend.  Of all things, this blissfulness is probably just what we need.

Benefit of a #KujuMoment with Your Dog?  After camping with your dog, this is probably the next best thing!


2. Your Morning

This is a no brainer, but difficult for some of us. We actually wrote about the morning in this post, but the new perspective here is that by “morning” we don’t mean a specific time. We just mean right after you wake up, whatever time that is.  Doesn’t waking up, then making a heartwarming cup of pour over sound wonderful? Then sitting in peace as your mind catches wind of the day?  

Benefit of a #KujuMoment in the Morning?  The rest of your day just goes better!

3. 2:57pm in the Afternoon 

When we were going to corporate offices before COVID, sitting in a cubicle at 2:57pm on a Wednesday afternoon was tough.  Now that our 2:57pm moments are at home it probably varies for all of us, but either way you’re tired because the day is almost over. Instead of pushing through, why not step away and go for a 10 minute walk?  Even better, just 15 minutes of simple exercise on your stationary bike?  Or better yet still, a quick coffee break. We’d recommend the Bold Awakening, right when you need to get a nice, bold, awakening...

Benefit of a #KujuMoment at 2:57pm in the Afternoon?  Refresh, recharge in the afternoon and you get two days in the time of one!  Double the fun!

4. With the Family

What good is mental peace and serenity if you can’t share it with those you love?  Or more seriously, use it to support those you love?  Difficult times are probably the calling card for ensuring you’re taking time to experience your #KujuMoment.  This doesn’t have to be anything specific, just gather everyone ‘round the campfire, fireplace, dinner table, living room, or any wonderful communal space - outside is even better! - pour yourself some coffee, or shall we say dalgona coffee?  And talk!  If no one wants to talk, sit in silence, but we can promise there is power in together-ness. 

Benefit of a #KujuMoment with the Fam?  Share the joy (and the coffee if you want)!

5. That Next Trip

So KOA (Kamgrounds of America) recently published a study that showed the number of campers this year exceeded the initially expected surge - o joy!  And yes, we did move a lot of pour overs this year. And as we write this on October 7, 2020, that means camping season is over. Not!  It means get out there! Everyone’s doing it, so you should too. Eh, that’s not the best reasoning for a lot of things, but in this case, a #KujuMoment outside, beside a beautiful lake enjoying the cool, crisp, Autumn air is something we all probably wish we were doing, right? The foliage people - just beautiful!  And if you're serious, here are 8 Tips for Camping Safely During COVID.

Benefit of a #KujuMoment on That Next Trip?  The foliage! The fresh air!  The mountains!  Get your hands on Basecamp Blend, right after you set up your actual basecamp, yea?


6. Really Really Early Morning (Extra Points!)

When we described “Morning” above we stated we weren’t referring to any specific time. But you get extra points for this one because this is definitely a specific time - and that is anytime before 5:30am.  *Phew!  The non-parents reading this are stunned now, while the parents are maybe a little stunned but not so much?  Wake at 5:30am or earlier and without doubt, we guarantee you will have at least 1 hour of silence all to yourself. Sit with your coffee and read a book, or Fox News, or MSNBC, or whatever else you enjoy. We want to say #KujuMoments were made for these times, but we’d be lying if we said that (we were thinking more 7:30am pre-hike or sunrise as the time slot, not 5:30am). Still, 5:30 is great and our pour overs make it simple because you won’t wake the entire house with a coffee grinder. Just anchor, pour, and enjoy (it’s what the instructions on our packaging state and we meant it when we wrote them)!

Benefit of a #KujuMoment in the Really Really Early Morning?  It’s at least 1 hour all to yourself. You decide how to enjoy it!


When do you like to enjoy your #KujuMoment? Have pics?  We love seeing them!  Share them with us on Instagram & tag us @KujuCoffee. We'll share it...we always do. :)

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