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5 Ways to Use Your Leftover Camp Coffee

January 04, 2021 | By Kuju Coffee | Adventure Tips, Trending

Alright, we know it's not peak camping season and as much as we love a good winter camping trip, we know it's not for everybody. 

So, what do you do with your leftover camp coffee? You could just save it till peak camping season in the Spring, but what is the fun in that? We are all about exploring, adventures, and wandering, which does not need to be confined to just camping. 

Check out our 5 favorite ways to use your leftover camp coffee:

  1.  Winter Cabin Coffee
  2. Spruce Up Your Morning Routine
  3. Send a Cup (or Two)
  4. Indoor Camping
  5. Road Trip

Winter Cabin Coffee:

Hitting the slopes this weekend or planning a socially distant getaway for a  change of scenery? Bring your left over camp coffee to the winter cabin with you. If you have your own cabin or are using an AirBnb or rental you most likely don't have the same high quality coffee you are you have grown to love while at home, camping, or road tripping. Well, bring the adventure to the mountains and stay warm and caffeinated at the same time with your favorite Kuju Single serve pour over. 

Bonus: You can capture a great #Kujumoment in the snowy mountains! 


Spruce Up Your Morning Routine:

Ok, we have all heard the phrase New Year New You and there are hundreds of articles about how to improve your morning routine or be more productive this new year, eat healthier, or exercise more. Well, coffee fits right into all that.

Coffee does make you more productive ( Your boss will thank you), it can regulate your hunger and digestive tract ,and coffee has numerous benefits for your workouts. So don't slack off or settle for the same boring morning coffee, mix it up with a Kuju pocket pour over. As our friend Andrew from Rare Earth Adventures would say, " Make it Adventurous".


Send a Cup ( or Two):

Coffee taking up too much space in your pantry? Or maybe its still sitting in your camping pack. It's still the season of giving and as we like to say, "Coffee can't change the world, but #GenerosityCAN!". We might not be able to see our friends, family, or coworkers right now but we can still have a cup of coffee with them.


Send your left over camp coffee to a friend and dare we say have a virtual coffee date? Ok, maybe skip the virtual coffee date ( or at least add a cool outdoor background to your Zoom call to make it adventurous), but a cup of coffee is the gesture everybody could use right now. 



Indoor Camping:

Our favorite go to way to use your left over camp coffee. Create an epic staycation using all your camping gear to turn your home into a campsite. We are talking the whole nine yards - Pitch your tent, eat your leftover camp food and left over camp coffee, and of course make S'mores. 


Road Trip:

You might already have an upcoming road trip or maybe you need to plan one. A road trip can be a one day adventure or a cross country excursion. Either way, it's important to stay caffeinated while driving. I don't me drinking coffee while driving, but taking the time to pull over at the scenic view point you have always wanted to stop at and brew a cup of high quality coffee and just take it all in. Capture that perfect #Kujumoment. 


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