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Top 5 Coffee Benefits for Workouts

July 09, 2019 | By Kuju Coffee | Coffee

By: Olivia Moore


Who doesn’t love a nice cup of coffee in the morning? Most of us love to have our coffee as soon as we wake up in the morning. Coffee not only wakes you up from sleep, but it is also a natural stimulant. It boosts your energy for an extremely intense workout session. It is better than any unregulated supplement. Coffee has no adverse effects on your health. So, stop going to the chemist for those expensive supplements that have long term negative side effects on your health. Drink a coffee instead and let it help you with intense workout sessions without tiring you out for the day. 

top 5 coffee benefits for workouts

Coffee without cream and sugar is a healthy option, and it is soon becoming a popular option for most athletes. It is an effective drink before a workout. Caffeine in coffee is a natural stimulant, also it boosts energy and has other health benefits. Let’s check out what are the benefits of coffee for workouts:

Burns fat and increases metabolism

Before your workout, fire up your coffee pot for a nice hot cup of coffee. Avoid sugar and cream. A nice warm coffee, before your workout has great benefits, it has the ability to significantly burn down fats. It helps in using fat cells as a source of energy than using glycogen. This accelerates the process of burning up fats in your body. 

The caffeine present in coffee helps in increasing your metabolism and helps you in burning more calories in a day. The compounds present in coffee along with caffeine; helps in suppressing your appetite and reduces the overall consumption of food. After consuming a cup of coffee, the effect is felt after 60 minutes. The caffeine once it enters the bloodstream starts responding with the body i.e. the heart rate and blood pressure increases, stored fat is broken down, fatty acids get released and it enters the bloodstream, and we feel a boost in energy. These responses in the body make us ready for a wonderful workout session.

Enhances performance

There are studies that have shown that caffeine intake prior to a workout session has enhanced the performance of athletes. A low or a moderate dose of caffeine is enough to enhance a workout session or athletic performance. Caffeine has also shown fatigue resistance and an improvement in endurance levels. So, an athlete can train much longer and give more powerful output. There are studies conducted by RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) that has shown consumption of coffee has a better and positive experience on the athletes. The athletes are more physically active and are prone to less fatigue during exercise or workout sessions.

Improves concentration

Caffeine helps in effective and productive workout session by increasing your mental focus. Caffeine stimulates and improves the functioning of your brain and has a positive effect on concentration and memory. There are also studies that show coffee has reduced the decline in mental health due to aging. Caffeine has positive effects on brains prefrontal lobe and improves the functioning of the brain in that specific area. This leads to a positive effect on concentration, planning, and attention span.

Reduces pain in muscles due to exercise

When coffee drinkers are compared with non-coffee drinkers, coffee drinkers experienced less pain in muscles during or after workouts. A coffee drinker can complete more repetitions of intense exercise including, weight training, run fast, and perform cardio workouts for a long duration. Drinking coffee after a workout session will reduce almost 50 percent of the soreness in your muscles. If coffee is consumed before the workout session, muscle recovery takes lesser time after an intense workout session. 

Some of us get so tired during the workout that we easily give up. This is because of the build-up of lactic acid, which causes pain when our muscles are stressed. Intake of coffee will reduce this pain in the muscle, promote the feeling of positivity, and will boost our energy.

Fights and prevents disease

Studies have shown that caffeine can fight diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and also a few types of cancer. Coffee is rich in antioxidants, and this protects our body from damages against free radicals. It also helps in fighting illness and diseases and cleans the blood.  Coffee also reduces inflammation and reduce the frequency of gallstone problems.


Maximum two cups of coffee a day is beneficial for your health. Avoid drinking more than two cups as it can have an adverse effect on your body. Two cups are enough to receive optimal benefit. It is best to consume coffee moderately. 

Some may experience negative impacts of coffee like palpitations, rapid heartbeat, or some other symptoms. Visit a physician as soon as you experience these effects due to coffee or caffeine overload. If you are pregnant, suffering from heart disease, hypertensive, or nursing your child; consult your doctor or physician and take advice before you start consuming coffee. Although coffee is good for health and has a number of health benefits, it may not be suitable for some people. Coffee overload has side effects, so be careful that you don’t have more than a cup or two in a day.

Coffee is good in the morning or early evening by 4. Do not drink coffee close to dinner time; it will impact your sleep. Though exercise is important for your body, sleep is equally important. 8 to 10 hours of sleep is important for your health, and to have a good start to a new day. Drinking coffee just before sleep will keep you wide awake and disturb your sleep pattern. 

Coffee is a good stimulant and energy booster, so have a cup of coffee to kick start your beautiful morning with intense workout sessions. You can keep a coffee thermos handy for a quick and excellent cup of coffee. Maybe grab a cup of coffee when you need some energy in the office. A lot of researches and studies have proved the health benefits of coffee, and I have first-hand experience with my coffee every morning. It boosts my energy and keeps me fresh all through the day. 


Olivia is an avid traveler, has a quest for adventure and a coffee junkie. She co-owns and writes at Fourth Estate Coffee & Pretty Home. She lives to travel and explore and can never say no to a well made cup of coffee. Follow her on Facebook or YouTube.

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