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Picture is Worth A 1,000 words - KujuKIN Archives

July 15, 2020 | By Kuju Coffee | Stories

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So instead of writing a 800,000 + word blog about creating #Kujumoments with our KujuKIN, we wanted to take a look back at the special moments we have already made together. 

Kuju  Coffee is there for you when:

You are Camping

Photo Credit: @Morganmsandy

You are at Your Favorite National Park:

Photo Credit: @SFuller774

You Need a Break From Work:

Photo Credit: mursethetics 

You are with Your Furry Friend

Photo Credit: Explorewithollie

You Need to Give a Gift to a Friend:

Photo Credit: Soulrunr

You Are Stuck at Home:

Photo Credit: martshims53

You are Playing in the Snow:

Photo Credit: Nera_Crawford

You Need Peace and Quite:

Photo Credit: gabenogoy

You Celebrate Life's big Moments:

Photo Credit: ashschelburg

You are at the Beach:

Photo Credit: Jenniferhaley_

You First Wake up:

Photo Credit: thebakingfairy

You are at the Grocery Store:

Photo Credit: Nera_Crawford


 The highlight of our day is always seeing your #kujumoments that you share on social media - We can not wait to see more from our KujuKIN! We hope we have made you feel a sense of adventure, wander, and community in your everyday lives.

To journeys near, far and home,

- Your Kuju Team 

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