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How Kuju's Membership Partners with Your Favorite Outdoor Brands

July 30, 2020 | By Kuju Coffee | Coffee, Trending

The benefit of a Kuju coffee subscription is pretty clear - high quality coffee trekked to your door every month with free shipping and savings of up to 25%. That is incredible coffee for an incredible value! 

But what if we took it a step further? 

What if we took it from a subscription to a membership? What would the difference look like to customers, to our community, to our KujuKIN?

A Kuju Coffee membership offers you way more than just a coffee subscription- With a Kuju membership you achieve  a sense of community, a sense of adventure, and of course exclusive deals.

So we simply asked ourselves - What do we like to pair with our morning coffee?What is our favorite trail bar? How do we make the perfect camp breakfast?How do we incorporate sustainable practices into our everyday lives?

Each brand we choose to partner with compliments our source-to-soul mission, enhances our #kujumoments, and make us smile! 

Therefore, we want to share the brands we love with our Kuju members:

We got you covered on Snacks:

  • Sun & Swell 
  • Bobos
  • Tahoe Trail Bar
  • Mountain House 
  • Shar Snacks

Living a Sustainable Lifestyle:

  • United by Blue 
  • Ursa Major 

Adventuring Equipment:

  • Taxa Outdoors
  • Happier Camper
  • Rumpl
  • Hiker Crate 

Love these brands as much as we do? Want to try out a new brand? Sign up to get exclusive discounts with them now with your Kuju membership. 

Become a Member.

Become a Member

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