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Don’t Send a Box of Chocolate, Send a Box of Coffee

January 12, 2021 | By Kuju Coffee | Trending

The Holiday season is not over yet! Valentines Day is just around the corner and your partner in adventure ,depending on their love language, may be expecting a gift, a fun date, or just some quality time. 

Below are 5 ways to make your Valentine's Day anything but traditional. 


1. A Healthy Alternative to Chocolate: 

Does your Valentine have a new years resolution to eat healthier? Maybe cut out sugar? 

Then switch out that box of chocolate for a box of high quality pour over coffee. Still looking for a hint of cocoa - try our single origin faire trade organic Papua New Guinea coffee for a hint of red oak, maple syrup, and dark chocolate. Provides all the sweetness that chocolate does! 

2. Coffee & Flowers:

Flowers and Chocolate are the #1 Valentines Day gift duo. So, let's be bold and chart the unknown.  Let's break traditions. Flowers + Coffee make a perfect pairing. 

From me and Kuju to you - Make this Valentines Day smell great with flowers and coffee. 

Red Roses:
Pair this symbol of love with our bestseller Basecamp Blend for a sweet duo. 
White Lillies:
Great for the enlighten lover, pair with our signature Ethiopia single origin coffee. 
Pink Carnations:
 This perfectly balanced flower matches the essence of our West Sumatra Coffee
Brighten up anyone day with yellow daises and Angeles Landing coffee. 
This unique flower matches up perfectly with our Bold Awakening dark roast. 
Red Gerberas:
Make a deep red love duo with our Papua New Guinea Coffee for a romantic spark. 


3. Breakfast in Bed:

Possibility the best way to start Valentine's Day-  Breakfast in bed. Don't let the kids or the dog wake up your partner, instead let the smell of fresh brewed coffee softly wake up them up from their slumber. Pair a fresh cup of coffee with their favorite breakfast food. Make sure to upgrade your coffee on this special occasion, ditch the Kcup or the instant coffee for a high quality cup of pour over coffee made with love. 

4. Make an Adventure Date:

Turn your Valentine's Day into an adventure. Get outside. Go on a picnic.Take a scenic drive. Go on a hike. All these fun activities call for Kuju Coffee to fuel your energy. Like a coffee maker in your pocket, you will be able to stop at your favorite spot with the best view or maybe the best memory with your loved one and brew a prefect cup of coffee together. So let's wander. Wander into love, wander into commitment, wander into the unknown with some you love - For Wherever You Wander™.

To cold outside? Turn your home into a campsite and make a romantic campfire paired with S'mores. 

5. Inspire a #Kujumoment: 

Single this Valentines Day? Don't forget Valentines Day is for anyone you love and all your adventure buddies that have always been there when you needed a hiking partner, a road trip partner, or someone navigate this crazy world with. 

Get a gift for your best friend. Spend the day hiking with your furry friend. Cook and get dressed up for a family dinner. Make time to allow yourself to rest and rejuvenate. Find peace and calm by reading a book, taking a bath, or journaling. 

However, you choose to spend your Valentines Day - Make it a #Kujumoment.  

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