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Introducing The Kuju Journal

Posted by Jeff Wiguna on

My brother and I are both Eagle Scouts. We both grew up camping, tying knots and earning merit badges along the way; and it was awesome. We learned to appreciate camaraderie, friendship, nature and being out in the wild.

But after all these years, what I most fondly remember is not learning interesting outdoor skills or the adventurous camping trips we partook in, but the time we spent with our friends - the good times.

I don't mean the kind of good time you have when you go out to a bar and drink with your friends, though yes, I wouldn't refuse a cold beverage on a sunny day. But the kind of good time where time itself was allowed to be what it was - passing. Where we didn't rush it away or use it to become engrossed with staying connected to everything. When we literally sat around the campfire playing mafia or used our pocket knives to whittle away at small twigs we found just because we had pocket knives.

These memories make me believe we have lost something in society today. That we've lost the ability to rest; to reflect and reset when we need to; to remember what really matters.

We created Kuju not just because we love quality coffee, but because we want to encourage the world to expect more than instant gratification, and learn to wait a little longer, be a little more patient, for something more than just a little better. It's why our motto is Quality Is Never Instant.®

The Kuju mission is to help you reclaim your moments of rejuvenation because we believe it's in those moments that we can truly rest and reflect on what matters, and in effect, live lives of greater meaning and purpose. ​We hope you will follow us on this blog as we explore what it looks like to rest in a world of busy.

There will be coffee here of course, quality coffee - not that instant stuff.

Here's to quality,

Kuju Co-Founder

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