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5 Tips for Camping With Your Dog

August 26, 2020 | By Kuju Coffee | Adventure Tips

Here at Kuju we love our dogs almost as much as coffee and camping. Your dog makes for the perfect adventure pal - they are always down to explore, looking for a good time, and a great listener and protector. 

Check out these tips to prepare your pup ( and Yourself) for a camping adventure:

Regulations & Rules:

Before hitting the road, make sure to do a little research and find out if the camp ground you plan on staying at is dog friendly. Simply call ahead or check out this list of Dog Friendly CampGrounds.

After arriving at your dog friendly site, make sure to practice good etiquette. This may require a little refresher training with your dog prior to the start of your journey. For safety, your furry friend should remain on leash while camping, but in case anything happens, make sure your pup has a good recall! 

If you plan on hitting the camp sites soon- check out these extra tips about  Safe COVID Camping here.


You always want to be up to date with your dog’s vaccinations. Make sure you know the last time your pet was vaccinated and when the next round of shots is coming up. 

    • Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus— Get the DHPP series of vaccinations, so your dog is safe from these highly contagious diseases.
    • Bordetella, Rabies & Leptospirosis— Your veterinarian can get your canine companion protected against all of these diseases with a series of vaccinations.
    • Fleas & Ticks -  It's super important to be up to date on having your Dogs Flea prevention routine. Some owners prefer a monthly prevention such as Frontline or a 3 month chewable. Both work great, as long as we remember to use them regularly. We often go camping more in Spring and Summer, which is Flea and Tick Season - so take extra precaution for your pup!

Never hurts to pop into the vet for a full physical before you leave for your trip as well! 

Bonus Tip - Before leaving for trip, scope out the nearest vet office to your campsite in case of emergency.


Water & Food Supply:

Just like their human owners, dogs need their own ample supply of clean drinking water and food. Make sure to pack enough kibble for your trip ( and maybe an extra 1-3 days of safety food). At night, always keep extra food sealed and out of reach to avoid tracking any unwanted creatures into your campsite. 

It's also important to remember if you are camping by the ocean to avoid having your dog drink salt water as it can dehydrate your dog and cause an upset tummy. 

If you are guilty of giving your four legged furry friend human scraps or left overs, make sure if you are drinking Kuju Pour Over Coffee   as your morning camp coffee that your dog does not get into any leftover coffee grounds as caffeine in even a small amount can be deadly to dogs. 

Paw Protection:

If you are heading out this Spring or Summer the weather can get pretty hot! Imagine walking around barefoot on the hot gravel, sand, or pavement in 100 degree weather. This is exactly how your dog feels - so take an extra loving step and protect your dog’s paws with some dog booties or socks! Your dog may walk a little funny at first, but it will be worth it to avoid any burnt paws on the trip and a potentially large vet bill. 


You may have a very active dog that is obsessed with fetching the tennis ball, but toys are not just for playing games while camping. The smell of “ home”can also ease any anxiety your pup may be feeling on his/ her big adventure. Just like a child sleeping with their favorite blanket, your dog might like to cuddle up with their favorite stuffed animal from home. We also recommend sleeping with your dog at night, so go ahead and buy that extra large tent! 

Meet the Dogs of Kuju Coffee:

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