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#GenerosityCan is a program to support small business owners who have had to shut down their businesses – permanently – as a result of COVID-19.

Born out of Kuju Coffee’s SOURCE-TO-SOUL™ impact philosophy, the program hopes to provide encouragement, if even only via a cup of pour over coffee, to the folks who have lost something they've put their soul into building.


1. If you are a small business owner who had to permanently shut down your business due to COVID-19, submit your info below and per verification, we will ship you a box of Kuju pour overs.

2. If you know a small business owner who had to shut down his/her business due to COVID-19 you can "nominate" them below and per verification, we will ship them a box of Kuju pour overs.

*all Kuju pour over shipments will be covered by Kuju Coffee.


“Kuju was founded by two Eagle Scout brothers who got tired of instant coffee while camping. It's cool that our Pocket PourOvers can be found in REI, Sprouts and Whole Foods, but we started by hand-packing our pour overs in our living room and know what it means to put your soul into something you're building. As much as we love coffee, we know it can't change the worth itself, but #GenerosityCan - so here we are.”

Kuju Cofounder brothers, Jeff & Justin, after packing and wrapping 17 pallets of pour overs by hand in their early days.


What can generosity do through you?

Do something and tag #GenerosityCan

TERMS & CONDITIONS: 1 shipment per small business entity while allocated pour over supplies last. Recipients will receive based on a first come first serve basis. All costs associated with receiving Kuju pour overs will be covered by Kuju Coffee. Small business must be a real business that has been shut down permanently due to reasons related to COVID-19.